In the modern Western world, the term “heavenly” or “natural” is used mainly in a morally evaluative context. This hypothesis is the starting point and the origin of the project idea and is a counterpart to the unnatural, repulsive, degenerate and perverse, but it also is connected to the familiar, evident and normal. This term is decoupled from nature in our language usage and is the basis for the choice of the location – the Stadt- und Volkspark Friedrichshain in Berlin, of the protagonists – who all live in Berlin and their presentation in the project “Last Paradise”.
The term “natural” is used in everyday life but also in art as the authentic, real and the spontaneous. The rather negatively connoted terms “artificial”, “affected” and “overly adjusted” function as the counterparts.
The break of the ecological cycle is captured using an ambivalent form and picture language which thematizes gain and loss, the natural and the unnatural, the environment and our shared world. The (great) replacement of locations, objects and things has already begun and is visualized in this work artistically along with the alienation of nature and the loss of paradise using strategies of life.

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